//// NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MO! Vol. 2 feat Marvin Gaye "What's Going On" Cover

//// My fellow Webster Hall NYC stagehands and I have put together another compilation of covers and originals to help raise awareness for the #BlackLivesMatter movement over at IfYouMo.bandcamp.com. I hope you enjoy Rare Futures take on Marvin Gaye’s beautiful song “What’s Going On” featuring Ari ripping Steely Dan guitar and our manager, Meg, singing backup vocals for the first time on wax 💙I could live in that groove forever...

Special thanks again to Kevin A. Dye for helping push the mix and master over the finish line 💙💜❤️✊🏽 

Comp Mission Statement by Andrew Bilder : 

“Since its inception in 1886, Webster Hall has been a house of inclusion. A safe space for the oppressed. From the International Ladies' Garment Workers that used Webster Hall as their strike headquarters in 1916, up to 2016, where LGBTQ+ functions were held regularly. In that spirit, we, the Stage Hands of Webster Hall, decided to compile these songs, covers and originals, in an effort to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement of today, symbolically, making Webster Hall a rally point. All money raised will be donated to the NAACP, Justice for Elijah McClain, Justice for Breonna Taylor and Action Bail Fund NYC. We hope these songs will raise your spirits, and encourage you to give what you can, and to spread the message of BLM.”


Donate to some good causes and enjoy the great music.

All our love, 

Matt & RF ////