//// Not Giving Up Yet

I keep asking myself, 'where do you wanna be?'
I haven't given up just yet.
I keep telling myself, 'you're right where you're supposed to be.'
I'm not giving up in my head.
...Giving up in my head.

This is what you waited for isn't it?
This is what you had wanted for so what will you do with it?

Back what you've made, if passion trumps all.
(And never have to say you're sorry, live like you've got nothing to lose)
If you over-think it, you're toast.
(On the edge of something greater)
But you only get one go.

Lessons in increments you wouldn't want to learn over.
Trust what has brought you here and now it's at your fingertips!

So this is what you were waiting for isn't it?
This is what you wanted for, what have you done with it?
Can't you see you might be already there?
Are you there...?