//// Rare Futures ROUND UP

//// Everyone in the band has been doing their best to charge on while self-isolating and so we wanted to keep you updated and in the know here in case you are looking for more ways to escape for a second with the Rare Futures cadets. Here's the RF Round Up:


As mentioned in the last couple news posts, Matt did some acoustic covers which you can watch over in the VIDEO section or by subscribing to our youtube.com/rarefuturesmusic channel.  


Ari released a (three fire emojis) new EP with his other group and our fellow Cerebral Music Group brethren, Model Decoy, which you can peep at modeldecoy.com or wherever you fill your ear canals. Stream their hit "Metropolis Kid" below!



Professor Dave has seamlessly transitioned to online courses with his Berklee College of Music metal students. You can check out a RAD bass discussion he did recently with some rhythm section HEAVYWEIGHTS below including Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey from TOOL! (metal sign emoji) 

 A little more about it: Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Justin Chancellor (Tool), and Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth, Vai, and Winery Dogs) have helped define what modern Rock Bass is, and how it is played. We will explore the evolution of their musical journeys, and with the help of some of their musical counterparts, drummers Dirk Verbeuren, Ray Luzier, and Danny Carey… we will better understand this “Heavy” drum/bass relationship where groove, precision, and intensity are key. Also, a look into the lives of professional musicians in the Covid 19 Crisis. The effects, challenges, benefits, and hopes. 


Rich has been the usual busy bee teaching online as well (hit him up for lessons!) and working on wrapping up some new music with one of his many other projects, Ku'On, as well as (pre social-distancing) playing with and producing music videos with another project called EMODULARI. This is really just the tip of the iceberg of what Reg has had going on so we recommend you hop over to richbozek.com for all the latest deets on the Regmeister. In the meantime, lay your eyeballs on Emodulari "Craniotomy" below!


Sending you all our love, 


The RF Fam ////