//// Amityville Music Hall Comp Vol. 1 OUT TODAY

//// Amityville Music Hall, like so many independent venues across the USA, has been heavily impacted by the last year and struggling to keep from closing their doors. Today we’re stoked to announce a ton of amazing artists, wrangled…

//// Black Lives Matter

PLEASE READ and let this sink in. We heal this world from the inside out. Look in the mirror and check yourself. 

//// Rare Futures ROUND UP

//// Everyone in the band has been doing their best to charge on while self-isolating and so we wanted to keep you updated and in the know here in case you are looking for more ways to escape for a…

//// Sending Out 💙💜❤️

//// From Matt:

With the world feeling so upside down lately it has been hard for me to even pick up a guitar but this song has helped me keep my head above water. Sending love out to those of…

//// Escape Pod to Fazzidise...

//// We hope that this transmission finds you and those dearest to you doing well and maintaining your health and sanity to the best of your abilities amidst this craziness. We're all hurting collectively right now so just remember when…

//// LEVEL UP 2020 🛸

?HAPPY NEW YEAR, Earthlings!

We're back in the saddle again beaming down to the Big Apple on FEB 21st at Berlin NYC with our new friends from the Windy City, BONELANGand we be bringing that #LevelUp2020 energy. LET'S…

?BEAMING DOWN to Boston + BK in December!

//// Earthlings! We're excited to beam down a couple more times to the Northeast before Earth's yearly cycle is complete to support our new friends, NOVA CHARISMA.

Reports are there will be sightings at these times and locations: 


//// Back to the Music Hall (in Amityville)

//// ⚫️?⚪️ Friends on Long Island ?

We’re excited to be returning to Amityville Music Hall on FRI 10/11 with Local Nomad + Everyone Knows (Serg from The Early November) + Car Astor + SLMBR. Coordinate your google calendars appropriately…

//// Funky Fresh Futures hits PHILLY July 14th!

We're chillin out, maxin and relaxin out in Philly coming up soon on July 14th with SCR and Twice Young at the Voltage Lounge. Hope to see you there! Heart Your Boiz,

Funky Fresh Futures